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Communicating with clients is the core responsibility of every law firm.

At CORE, we understand that the happier your clients are, the happier you are. We focus our efforts on three vital client offerings:


Essential Client Onboarding

It’s not good enough to just acquire a signed retainer. You must reassure your newly signed clients that they did the right thing by hiring you through an essential and elaborate onboarding process.


Loss Prevention Status Updates

Keeping clients apprised of the status of their case is as important as signing them up. The last thing you want or need is for your clients to think you forgot about them.

Status Updates

Document Completion & Retrieval

There will be times when you need critical documents completed immediately and from a large number of clients. Don’t leave it to chance. Leave it to CORE.

Document Completion

You’ve already completed the first two steps (Marketing and Retention). Now it’s time to complete the 3rd and, arguably, most important step: Keeping Your Clients Happy.

For high volume campaigns, such as mass torts and social security disability, given the number of anticipated clients, the information necessary to move cases along, the need to meet certain deadlines, the lack of knowledge on behalf of the clients, the competitive nature of the industry, and the fear of losing clients due to lack of communication, the challenges are insurmountable for most law firms.

The Reason?

Most law firms have insufficient resources internally to ensure that clients are satisfied. And most of this dissatisfaction is a result of inadequate and reactive communication.

At CORE, we believe that the moment a client signs a retainer with your law firm, they should receive the red carpet and white glove treatment. And that treatment should continue throughout the life of the case. That should be your CORE responsibility. And that’s why CORE exists.

Partnering with CORE:

Happy clients = referrals.

We will regularly update your client through each phase of their case, giving them peace of mind knowing that your firm is hard at work on their behalf. We will also request and obtain completed documents, leaving your staff free to handle other duties.

You work the cases. We’ll keep your clients informed.

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