Loss Prevention Status Updates

"I haven't heard from my lawyers in months. Are they still handling my case? Should I call someone else?"

This is every law firm’s worst nightmare. Don’t assume that because you have a client, they’ll remain a client. An attorney-client relationship is not unlike other relationships.

It takes work from both sides to ensure longevity.

All too often, law firms leave the representation of their clients up to luck and unreasonable expectations. In reality, if you aren’t proactively and periodically reaching out and providing updates to your clients, you are, in essence, telling them that you don’t care about them. And in doing that, you are leaving yourself open to losing them or disappointing them.

Did you know that the number one complaint that clients have about their law firms is that they don’t return their calls or don’t provide an update frequently enough? Did you also know that one of the biggest pain points for a law firm is negative reviews?

To resolve both of these obstacles, partner with CORE to ensure complete and frequent updates that will result in happy clients (and positive reviews).

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