Premium Client Onboarding

"I've hired my lawyer, now what?!"

These are the words that the majority of retained clients ask themselves after signing with a law firm. Rather than have them second guess their decision to sign with you or wonder what the next steps may be, it’s time your law firm had the resources to start the representation off on the right foot.

At CORE, we believe that within minutes of signing a retainer, clients should receive a call, text and email welcoming them to the firm. They should receive a roadmap on what to expect. They should get firm swag making them feel special and wanted. They should get your firm’s contact in their phone to make it easy for them to reach out to you in the future. They should get your firm’s social media handles to see what other clients are thinking and saying. They should know who to reach out to directly should they have any questions.

In short, they should get the type of attention that they deserve. Because when that happens, not only do they become a reliable client… they become a marketing client.

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